Thursday, May 5, 2011

College is hard

Hope everyone had a good May the 4th.

Yes, that's me, and yes, I'm a huge fucking nerd.

Anyway, I have a new story. This one, however, ends like a choose your own adventure. I have yet to get to the ending. We'll see how it goes.

A young man posted an ad looking for someone to shoot a video for him for a college presentation. It seemed honest enough, and I got in touch with him.

He told me he needed a video shot for a class, he wanted to have a video rather than, say, a Powerpoint, I guess. He didn't give me many details, and he told me it was due fairly soon, so I asked him for as much information as possible.
I didn't hear back from him for a few days, so I sent him another email, knowing he had a due date for the presentation, and thus the project. I didn't hear back, and assumed he had changed his mind.

Today, four days before the project is due, he sends me this outline.

Sorry my phone got disconnected so I had no Internet access and finals are killing me.... here's the assignment...... 

Show a presentation of how self management, personal responsibility, interdependence, and self awareness have helped you become successful this college semester..

2. Show and discuss 4 ideas that help you in your pursuit of educational goals... Make it personal

3.) presentation must be 4-7 minutes

4.)although I will grading the content more than anything keep in mind you have to have a formal presentation including and intro a body and a conclusion

So... What this means is, from my best guess, he doesn't just want me to do a video for him... He wants me to do his homework for him.

 Reason: Medical marijuana, Lasagna. 

So, I ask him to clarify, and if he has any idea... What so ever... About what he'd like this presentation to be on, seeing as the questions are fairly personal, and I know about as much about this guy as someone might know about a first date.

 Actually... Yeah, this one's a keeper. 

His response:

Well just swing it use common sense you know? Bullshit the thing basically lol

I'd say I'm in for a fun ride. I have 4 days to complete a 4-7 minute video project about a complete stranger. Wish me luck.

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