Friday, October 18, 2013

I haven't touched the post button here in a good while, over a years. It has been an odd time as a freelancer. In which I mean, I am not much of a freelancer anymore. I noticed the market getting smaller, fewer listings for gigs, and had a harder time getting anything to shoot. After a year, I decided to consider full-time work. It has not been simple.

I assumed this is how it was done. No. It's not.

If anyone isn't aware, the job market kind of sucks. More companies are reducing the number of employees, hiring people as contractors, or hiring with a strict criteria that would be difficult if not unreachable for anyone who has graduated in the past five years. I applied to jobs, hundreds if not thousands, for six months with maybe three interviews. Then I got a position: photojournalist for a local news station.

I have my complaints about the job... a laundry list, but I won't clog this medium with my reservations about this market or news in general. I will, instead, focus on stories and interactions with the public and the people who sign paychecks. If a funny story comes along, I just might remember to mention it.

That brings me to yesterday. Hang on, we're about to get partisan.