Saturday, January 14, 2012

Caveat Emptor, or Why The Internet Is A Little Insane

I don't want to use this fairly specificly-themed blog to fan my consumer issues. However, since these two purchases so directly relate my video work, I figured I'd go ahead and post them.

This first one isn't that consequential, but the level to which it has been taken has went from "silly" to "that kid on the porch in Deliverance."

I bought a SDHC card for my camera (I bought some at BestBuy, but their only offer in Class 10 cards is PNY, and the two I purchased didn't shoot video for more than a few seconds, so I turned to the internets). I could have got them on Amazon for $39.99, but I saw one about to go off on Ebay for a few dollars less and thought, "screw it, that'll pay for a couple cups of coffee."

Let the games begin.

I purchased on the 7th. On the 10th, I got this message.

I'm in the process of connecting with another supplier, so I'm writing to ask if it could wait until Friday before I go through with your order.

I just said, "I suppose." Whatever, no big deal.

The next day, I get this.

My supplier has run out of these cards at this time, but they do have the Kingston Class 6 cards. Would it be ok with you if we replaced the Transcend with the Kingston Card?

I told her no. Class 6 isn't quite fast enough for the larger video files, and really... it's just not what I paid for. It'd be like going in to a coffee shop, ordering a large coffee, paying for it, and being told "we only have small cups, and we only have one, is that cool?" rather than getting your money back for the difference.

I really enjoy coffee.

I found a supplier who had this item. They cost a little more, but the good news is they are in the USA.
If you want the item, I have to ask for an extra $8 in order to cover the extra cost of the item and
shipping. You are still getting a good deal on this item, so please let me know what you want to do.
At least you would be getting your item sooner than if I was to ship from Hong Kong.

Ok... this one I'm not as understanding about. I politely told them that I've been patient and understanding, but they shouldn't list things they aren't certain as to whether they have in stock. And then making me wait an extra week... and then expecting me to pay more... Sorry, but that's not how Ebay works, and that'd put it more than what I'd pay on Amazon (which in all liklihood is probably her "new supplier").

Then they offered a refund. I told them sure.

Then I got them gem:

I had to refund quite a few buyers over the past few days and the fund in my paypal have been exhausted.
I will have them replenished in about business days. I will have to send a refund once that is taken care of. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have not received your refund in 5 business days, please contact me immediately.
Thank you for your patience.

What this means is... she's sold a BUNCH of these when she didn't have them in stock, and then she
SPENT THE GODDAMN MONEY, and now she can't offer everyone refunds because she doesn't have money to refund to anyone. Not only did she spend that money from the purchases, but she doesn't have any money, anywhere, to refund the $36 purchases.

She has since refunded half of the $36, and told me it'll be a few weeks before she has the money to refund the rest. I guess the important thing for her is that I don't need the $18.50 nearly as desperately as she apparently does. It's such a weird situation that I don't even think I'll bother leaving bad feedback. I'm sure she'll get enough of that from the other people who's money she spent before having anything to give them in return.

However, this isn't the biggest, or weirdest, of my consumer qualms this week. Really, this is just an appetizer compared to one of those big-ass medieval mutton legs.

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