Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Deferred" does not mean "potential none, maybe?"

I've been speaking with this guy for a while. He's sent emails back and forth and been a little vague about the project. He's just asked a few times if we could meet, which, for the sake of my sanity and my wallet, I tend not to do with clients who aren't definite.

 This guy looks legit.

Basically, if I drove to meet everyone who was considering a videographer, I'd be very, very broke.

We found a time where I'd be in his area and we could discuss the project. He kept mentioning "deferred payment" and asked if I was comfortable with it. I said I've been in situations where deferred payment was defined up front, and they're just fine as long as everyone is clear on the terms. He than begin to bring up he'd be out his time and money, as well, if the project never got picked up, so he hoped it would be for everyone's sake.

He then asked if maybe we were discussed two different forms of "deferred payment." Judging from that previous statement, I told him we certainly were. Deferred has never meant "maybe" to me, it's, at the least, meant "eventually." I told him I couldn't work on a project where compensation wasn't definite.

He was then wanting to discuss my rates. I told him my normal rate, and he seemed almost perplexed. He began telling me about other people who were very interested in working on his project, who were willing to work for free.

...Why the hell do you need ME if someone's willing to work for free?

We just need someone to make sure they've got the settings right. Also, clean up their shit.

He then gave me this bargaining chip of the Gods.

By comparison, I have a guy that is a little more local, that also does great work, that would happily do it for $300/half day and $50/hr on the editing.

Then what the fiery fuck are doing still talking to me?! Find that guy! Go get that guy! You scoop him up and you never let him go! If you've got someone who's willing to work for considerably less than I am, why are you still trying to convince me?!

Probably because he doesn't exist.

 Not that kind of "doesn't exist." Less sexy. More imaginary.

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