Thursday, August 18, 2011

For The Glory of God

I've had fewer posts lately... which, frankly, is good, because it means fewer weirdos have emailed me. I have a few I'll post, but for today, I wanted to share something related.

After a fairly decent amount of work in July, I got a little excited that maybe summer would produce a lot of freelance work. August didn't fare so well... at all. I'm reminded slightly what American poverty tastes like.

It tastes a lot like eating the melted cheese off the box, because it's technically a "microwave-safe dish"

I am selling my previous camera because I'm working with a new one. The current price is very reasonable, well below what I've seen them go for recently, and it's on Ebay, so they'll rape me for about 10-15% of that. I got this message today on Ebay.

Honestly. I can't even make jokes about it. It's that straight forward. The irony is, the other interested party shoots porn, and had no problem offering a reasonable amount.

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